This website is a collection of things that I want to share with you like blog posts about stuff that I am passionate about, things that I find interesting or just life in general.

I’ve learned a lot about life in the short amount of time that I’ve had so far–because of an unexpected circumstance that ultimately changed me. It’s important to know that your strength isn’t measured in how much you can lift but by your courage and your relentless will to overcome any obstacle.

Above all, I believe in myself and take risks. I’ve gotten to perform at some pretty nifty places, work with professional wrestlers that I idolized on television growing up, film a music video with a rad artist, have platinum and gold records from working at a record label… none of that was easy but I am so very thankful. I know the best is still ahead and everyday I am going to be that much closer to achieving my dreams.

Everything based on my website is of my own personal opinion.

Cookies Cheat: Use A Quest Bar!

If you’re like me, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to control cravings and stay on the right track (during your diet). I had gone to Warped Tour a few years ago and taken a Cookies & Cream flavor bar with me. During the day, from the heat, the cream melted. By the time I got to the protein bar, it was a gooey dream. Now, I may not be the only person who thought of this, but it gave me the idea to test out microwaving the bar in chunks in the microwave to create cookies. You can’t leave the chunks in the microwave too long or they will get hard, but if you leave them in for about 30 seconds (this will depend on your microwave as the each differ depending on your settings) they will puff up and take more of a cookie shape. Here are some photos to inspire your go at... read more

Go Red Luncheon

I was able to do something super special this past weekend. Being a heart survivor myself, I know it seems like you’re all alone when you’re going through your diagnosis. The American Heart Association actually has a Support Network now that is made up of survivors, caregivers, family members and friends whose lives have been changed by cardiovascular issues. I wish they had this back in 2006. I didn’t think anyone understood what I was experiencing. When I joined the network I did a search and found 3 posts relating to the heart complication that I went through. I know what I had was rare. I made a post to let people know that I was okay and they can pull through as well. Within a few hours someone commented and told me they chose to try the medication route and try to avoid having the surgery but they felt comfort in my success. I shared my story with anyone that would listen that came to the table during the luncheon. I passed out information and also heard really inspiring stories from others. Strangers gave me big hugs and thanked me for being brave and sharing what I went through with them. It’s honestly the least that I can do. I don’t want anyone else that I know to be affected by something heart related. It’s life changing–and for some it ends their life. 1 in 3 is too many. If you feel inclined, join the network. The Support Network is free, easy and secure. There aren’t any membership fees and you’ll also gain access to monthly Q&A sessions... read more

Museum of Ice Cream (Miami) Review

The Museum of Ice Cream is an absolute dream if you love sparkles, and well–ice cream! I’ll start at the beginning and then tell you some of my favorite attractions. Just like any Museum of Ice Cream location, you have to order your tickets in advance, you cannot walk up and purchase them. You’ll be able to select a time that you’d like to enter the MOIC from what they have available. Show up around the time listed on your ticket and you’ll be greeted by a line of fellow attendees itching to get inside. Once you enter, there is a counter where an employee puts on a little show for the kids. They encouraged us (the adults without children) to walk past and wait in the next line. We were surprised, but the very first attraction we were getting to was the pool of sprinkles! I was most excited for this. However, I will tell you it is a HUGE let down. The pool itself is very tiny and they let so many people (including massive amounts of children) in at a time. My friend and I were unsuccessful at capturing images in the pool of sprinkles and had kids throwing sprinkles at us. If there was one thing I would recommend, it would be for the MOIC staff to limit the amount of people they let in at each time (even more-so) so that way it’s not so overcrowded. You get about 2-3 minutes around the pool before they tell you to exit and bring in the next group. Following the pool of sprinkles is the first... read more

National Wear Red Day 2018

What makes me smile? My friends and family supporting Go Red for Women. Each year I feel so incredibly grateful that such a large number of individuals will text me, snap me or tag me in photos of themselves wearing red because they know what I have been through with my own heart issue and understand that they don’t want anyone else they know to hear that there’s something wrong with their heart. Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year—more than all cancers combined. When something is 80% preventable, there should be no reason the 1 in 3 statistic. Nobody deserves that. Know the causes and don’t ignore the signs! Also, a huge shoutout to my Florida United States sisters because they all wore red with me! Thank you all again from the bottom of my happy little... read more

Baby Shower Treats

My sister-in-law had her baby shower recently and I wanted to give her the best treats display that none of her friends would have. I’m pretty sure I succeeded. It took a ton of hours from start to finish with all of the different things like painting, glittering and icing. Since she is expecting a boy, I chose to run with the color blue. The first treat I actually ordered from a company in Orlando–sparkly blue popcorn. I believe I ordered the gallon sized bag in case you’re trying to figure out how much you need. I purchased an inexpensive blue bowl at Party City. The second type of treat that I made was a oldie but a goodie–rice krispies treats! For these I purchased lollipop sticks, sprinkles and colored chocolate melts in addition to the pre-packaged rice krispies treats that you can buy in the store. These were super easy and everyone was taking selfies and posting them to their Instagram accounts so it was a fan favorite, for sure. They are pretty self explanatory. You’re going to want to take your tray and line it with wax paper or parchment paper–just something so the chocolate won’t stick to the tray itself and wreck your design. Step 1: Take a rice krispies treat and insert a lollipop stick into it. Step 2: Dip the rice krispies treat in the melted chocolate about half way. Make sure you let the excess chocolate drip off. Step 3: Lightly sprinkle the chocolate since it is still wet. This will ensure that your sprinkles stay on. Step 4: Sit your rice krispies... read more

Week 4 as Ms. Woman Florida United States

This week I was able to celebrate my birthday by riding in the Tribute to Heroes parade in Lakewood Ranch with my brother and sister-in-law. It was a really special day and I am so happy that we got to honor the people who fought for our freedom while also thanking those who served. Additionally, I also visited some children at the new Golisano Children’s Hospital in Fort... read more


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