Song Post #130: Demolition Lovers

September 6, 2014 Song: “Demolition Lovers” – My Chemical Romance This is one of my favorite My Chem songs. If you read the lyrics, the song seems a little twisted… but everyone needs a Thelma to their Louise.

Song Post #127: Never Ever

September 3, 2014 Song: “Never Ever” – All Saints Story: For starters… WHAT BADDDDD FASHION in this video. Can you believe that was cool at one point? Yikes. Anyhow, this song randomly popped in my head today when I was driving so I figured it was the perfect song to use for the day.

Song Post #124: The End.

Photo: 8.31.06 – Up after my surgery. August 31, 2014 Eight years ago today, I was laying on an operating table and feeling my heart racing out of my chest as they performed Radiofrequency Ablation on me to correct my heart arrhythmia. These eight years have taught me so much about myself, the things that …

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Song Post #123: Forever

Photo: From my trip to San Francisco in January 2012. August 30, 2014 Song: “Forever” – Jesse and the Rippers Story: I love Full House. I even made it a point that when my Dad and I went to San Francisco for the 49ers vs Giants for the 2012 NFC Championship, we find the Tanner’s …

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Song Post #122: A Mess To Be Made

August 29, 2014 Song: “A Mess To Be Made” – The Format Story: This is is going out to my friend Sarah today, between the drinks and the subtle things. She knows why. ;o) (Like that!?)