Mom doesn’t like the beard(s)

December 1, 2013

I was watching the news and an interesting story caught my eye–a filmmaker named Joshua Seftel had gotten his mother an iPad to communicate via video. A little back story: Seftel had began filming his parents while they would be fighting, while they were laughing, and all of the in between. After a few months, his father was diagnosed with a lung diease. A month after that, his father passed away. While his father was still alive, he had filmed a conversation with his mother about how she would love to be a star on television or the radio. After hearing that, you could hear a voice from off the screen saying, “Do you know what the odds are of that?” The voice belonged to Seftel’s father. Mrs. Seftel replied, “I know.”

Let’s fast forward again to now. Seftel, being the creative individual that a filmmaker is, began recording the conversations he had with his mother and developed them into a web series on YouTube called My Mom On Movies. Not only has he bonded with his mother even more, but he has turned her in to the star that she had always wished she could be. The story has that warm, fuzzy, feel-good type of an ending.

I was personally touched by the story so I did some investigating and came to find that Mrs. Seftel is not a fan of the Boston Beards. Mom’s always know best.

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