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August 31, 2014

Nike is an American multinational corporation that sells shoes, clothing, accessories, sporting equipment and more. I have chosen ten keywords that I associate with the brand and its products and will then test them in a search engine to see if Nike is generated in the results.

Keywords: Nike, performance running wear, swoosh, fuel band, Nike shoes, Jordans, Re2pect, NFL jersey, Shox, KD VI

Search Enginge: Google

1. Nike: Yes, Nike is the number one search result.
2. performance running wear: This did not generate results for Nike. It is interesting to note, however, that an ad for ADIDAS running wear appeared on top of the search results.
3. swoosh: Yes, Nike is the number one search result.
4. fuel band: Yes, not only is Nike the number one search result, but the Nike webstore is the second search result and an add for the Nike+ FuelBand sits on top of the results.
5. Nike shoes: Yes, Nike is the number one search result, the Nike webstore is the second search result and an ad for appears on top of the search results.
6. Jordans: Yes, Nike appears as the second search result–Foot Locker being the first. There is also an ad sitting above the search results for Nike Jordan shoes (second ad out of two–first ad belongs to Finish Line).
7. Re2pect: Yes, the Nike website is the first search result with their Re2pect commercial on YouTube showing up as the second result.
8. NFL jersey: Yes, NFL jersey generated search results that saw Nike sitting at number two, behind the official NFL shop website. A Nike ad for NFL jerseys appears as the second out of two ads on top of the search results.
9. Shox: Yes, the Nike webstore shows up as the second result in the search results, the first being Finish Line.
10. KD VI: Yes, Nike is the first result. They are also the second ad out of two ads on top of the search results listing.

I’m 9 for 10.

Safari on Mac OS X hasn’t been the easiest browser to use to view a page’s source code, so I was able to find a website called SEMRush that helped me view Nike’s actual keywords that are part of their site’s Meta data.

Actual Keywords that Nike uses include: Nike,, Nike Outlet, NikeID, Nike shoes, Jordan shoes, Nike fuel band, Nike ID, Jordan, Lebron 11

I was a little surprised to see that Nike didn’t appear in any search results for running wear because every time I see a race, the majority of runners are wearing Nike clothing. In stores, Nike always seems to also have a very large selection of athletic wear. It was intriguing to see that ADIDAS had an ad for their running wear even appear in the search results while Nike, a competitor, was noticeably missing.

For me, there were no additional surprises because I fully expected Nike to be in the top results for their Jordan, Re2pect and KD VI campaigns. I would have been concerned if the company wasn’t listed as a search result for the aforementioned. Since Nike is also the official uniform provider for the NFL, I suspected that if I searched for NFL jerseys, that Nike would be one of the top links.

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