Song Post #21: A Little Faster

There For Tomorrow

Photo: I shot this in 2009 at Warped Tour

May 20, 2014

[Florida Artist Week]

Song: “A Little Faster” – There For Tomorrow

Story: I really don’t remember how I discovered There For Tomorrow… it may have been off some old-now-defunct website for local artists back in the day. Anyway, I use to play them all of the time on my iPod at the record label’s office that I worked. I knew they were unsigned, and I thought they were amazing. People asked me who they were, but I’m pretty sure that was as far as it went. Fast forward a few years and they sign to a different label, tour with some great artists and see some success. I had the opportunity to interview them about their music pre-signing and post-signing and they were just really genuine and cared deeply about their music and the message that it would bring to their fans.

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