Soul Shaking Feel Good Tunes

I haven’t shared music with you guys in awhile so I made a pretty short list of some songs that I’ve been jamming out to recently. Clearly, they aren’t all new but I think that’s what is amazing about music… it can be timeless.

One of my most favorite things in this world is when you feel a connection with the words, melodies, and beat and can just be in the moment. I’ve never felt anything else more powerful. So hopefully you may find a new song or two that resonates with you.


1. “Let It Be” – The Beatles

2. “Starving for Friends” – Slaves

3. “Spark” – Ghost Town

4. “Take It All Back” – Judah & the Lion

5. “Waterfall” – With Confidence

6. “Stupid for You” – Waterparks

7. “I Swear This Time I Mean It” – Mayday Parade

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