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Who is the Miss United States Organization?
The Miss United States Pageant celebrates intelligent women of all walks of life. The system is based on a solid commitment to uphold the standards of fairness and integrity. It prides itself in providing an avenue for each young woman to give a voice to those needing to be heard, lend a hand to those less fortunate, and be a compass for those daring to dream. At the local, state, and national level, the Miss United States Pageant gives women the opportunity to promote a platform of community service. Featuring eight divisions – Little Miss, Pre-Teen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms., Ms. Woman, and Mrs. – the Miss United States Pageant is recognized as “the premier event of its kind” and the largest pageant system for girls and women ages 8+ in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories.

How can you help?
Being able to compete at the national level can be very costly with registration fees, hotel, parking and mandatory ad pages. I am seeking sponsorships from organizations throughout Florida. I do not use sponsorship fees to cover my dress or accessories that I find necessary for stage competition.

Your sponsorship fees cover:
• Registration
• Hotel & Parking
• Mandatory ad page
• Mandatory wardrobe fees
• Hair & Makeup

What would you get?
I understand that marketing dollars should be used to amplify your brand and so your decision is made on how many people your dollar can impact. To try to maximize your efforts, I include a text link or logo link on my website, linking back to your website in addition to your logo appearing on my ad page (the 2017 ad page is shown below so you can see how I promoted my sponsors last year) which is distributed to hundreds of individuals while they are in Orlando, FL for the national competition. Moreover, I also give my sponsors a shoutout on my social media channels (Ms. Woman Sunshine State United States: Facebook & Instagram).

If your company holds events, I am also more than happy to volunteer my time during my Ms. Woman Sunshine State reign to help where needed.

Lastly, if you have marketing materials such as brochures or items that have logos on them, I am more than happy to distribute them to the ladies in my division during pageant week in July.

I want to save people’s lives through education and support. In 2006, my life changed. I lay in a hospital bed wondering if I fulfilled all of my goals and dreams. If that was it, was I satisfied? I was twenty-one years old and finished becoming an adult so quickly in those moments.

My life would never be the same. Yet, I consider myself to be so lucky. I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome which is heavily responsible for a large majority of sudden cardiac death cases in young people. Somehow I was spared from that fate. I get to lead an amazing life. My goal is to save hearts by helping as many people as possible through education and awareness. I do not want anyone to suffer the same scenario that I did with hearing that if I leave the hospital, I could die and that my heart isn’t working right. It’s a lot to take in–for anyone, not just a twenty-one year old. Thankfully I was cured of WPW after a successful ablation. I know others may not be as lucky. I know it took a lot of hard work to overcome my situation, and I hope by speaking out about it that it can help others to heal as well by just knowing they aren’t alone–we have each other.

Going Red means the world to me. Nobody deserves to be a statistic.

I keep myself busy and consider the crown to be an important responsibility. Last year as Ms. Woman Florida United States, I traveled more than 3,000 miles within the state of Florida. I want to make a difference. The Ms. Woman United States Pageant is not about winning a bigger crown or trying to obtain bragging rights. I sincerely want that crown so it can serve as a megaphone and help me reach more people with my message.

How do you proceed?
Sponsorship is easy. You don’t have to contribute any specific increment, and everyone appreciates a tax break, right!? Any amount is greatly appreciated since my total sponsorship goal is $3,500.

I have a convenient link HERE where you’re able to go through PayPal. Or, if you would like to do it via check, you can send me an email at mswomanfl2017@gmail.com

If you choose to use the PayPal method, please email me your logo in high resolution at mswomanfl2017@gmail.com. You can also use the same email address to send me a personal email with any questions that you may have.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Pageant Week
If you’re interested in what our schedule at the national pageant looks like, please see below.

Monday, July 2nd: Check in to hotel
Tuesday, July 3rd: Registration, orientation, rehearsal and state costume runway show
Wednesday, July 4th: Interviews
Thursday, July 5th: Rehearsal and swimsuit preliminaries
Friday, July 6th: Rehearsal and evening gown preliminaries
Saturday, July 7th: Rehearsal and finals

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