Week 3 as Ms. Woman Florida United States

Nationals is coming up SO quickly! To celebrate our accomplishment of winning our respective state titles, myself and my sister queens, Bethany and Lauren, had a photoshoot with the official Ms./Ms. Woman/Mrs. Florida photographer–Larry Oskin! It was such a blast.

Photos from the pageant!

Photos from the pageant! May 27, 2015 I finally got some photos back from the pageant last month. I will share a few here and then include some more in my next vlog… so you’ll have to watch that too ;o).

Video Blog: May 10, 2015

Since everyone that responded said they wanted me to include some kind of baseball update, I just gave a very brief one about my fantasy team. That counts, right?! You didn’t want me to get started on Yordano Ventura or anything like that, trust me. Go Bolts! Until next time, my friends!