#BB16 thoughts for July


#BB16 thoughts for July
July 18, 2014

After almost a month of observing the different houseguests for #BB16, I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions. As the game evolves each season, I tend to favorite different players. Ie: “Wow their game strategy just changed… I’m totally rooting for them.” Or… “Well, that was a dumb move, you deserve to go home now.”

First eviction: Joey
I felt terrible for Joey. I would have loved to see her in the house a little bit longer. Truth be told, the men DO always tend to go far in the game so I admire her wanting the rally the women together to form an alliance. I would have been willing to work with her. She had some tough luck. During week one, keep the trap shut.

Second eviction: Paola
I wasn’t a fan of Paola in the game. She seemed like she was really nice and fun to hang with, but other than that, she was pretty useless for anyones game.

Third eviction: Devin
I thought Devin was a physical threat to everyone in the house because he was really athletic. However, he started playing his game way too strong and turned the house against himself. His mistake was downing everyone else’s ideas and following through with his own without asking his alliance. i.e.: Having Amber and Christine join the Bomb Squad without asking anyone and then nominating Zach for eviction after removing his original target Brittany. Zach was part of the Bomb Squad, bro! That showed his alliance how shady of a player he could be. Smart move getting rid of Devin.

Houseguests that I find to be entertaining and enjoyable to watch: Christine, Cody, Derrick, Donny, Frankie, Nicole, and Zach.

Frankie is absolutely out of control and I would love for him to win the game… except I’m rooting for Zach to win since he’s a fellow Gator.

If you don’t tune into After Dark, you missed one heck of an acting job that Frankie did with being Frank, Rhinestone, Clarabell and Rachel. AMAZING.

I’ll do another post in a few weeks to give my opinions on what’s going on inside the BB house and who has been evicted. Until then…..