Song Post #55: Lonely Boy

truth 2011 finalists

June 23, 2014

Song: “Lonely Boy” – The Black Keys

Story: Back in 2010 and 2011, I was lucky enough to be one of the 30-or-so finalists for the Truth team. Truth is all about providing people with facts about smoking and cigarettes so they can make smart and informed decisions. Each summer a select group of people get chosen to tour the country with Warped Tour and other events in different communities. It’s a pretty lengthy process when you apply so I feel really fortunate to have been picked TWO times to go to New York and take part in their special activities. Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending since I wasn’t picked either time (They take probably roughly 40-50% of the people that make it to New York), but the experience overall was fun. I got to dance around, act, and learn some pretty cool facts….. oh yeah…. and I did get to meet interesting folks from around the country too. Actually, that was probably the coolest part–people from all walks of life coming together. Everyone had such an interesting story and was extremely talented in his or her own right. The photo above is from 2011, credit to Katie who brought her camera so we could capture the day and everyone’s faces!

One of my friends burned me a CD for my birthday that summer, and I took it on my road trip to New York. This song was on there. Summer road trips…