Song Post #90: Last Hope

MonumentourPhoto: From the show the other night. (7/26/14)

July 28, 2014

Song: “Last Hope” – Paramore

Story: The other night was the first time that I saw Paramore live since I worked for FBR and saw them perform at Bamboozle in like 2009 or something way back when. It gave me goosebumps when they were talking about their past and how far they have come as a band, because I hope that the itty bittiest role that I had did something positive for them… regardless of what it was. I was proud, and happy for them all at the same time. Hayley then started talking about their song “Last Hope” and encouraged everyone to never give up on what they want. What I want… is still to help artists… in some way. Any way. Sometimes I get so busy with trying to better myself with education and my current job… that I feel like music is so far away. I don’t want to feel like that because it means the world to me. So.. I’m gonna let it happen. This is something that I always tell myself, but sometimes hearing someone else say it is a powerful message.