About Me: My Intro for MMC6936

About Me: My Intro for MMC6936
January 5, 2015

My name is Megan Washington, and this is my third semester as a student in the Master’s program for Social Media at the University of Florida. I received my BA in Interpersonal Communication from the University of South Florida in the summer of 2008. I waited a few years to go back to school and I am really glad that I did because I believe the real world experience that I have encountered at my places of employment have given me the advantage of seeing different course material in a way that I may not have been able to if I started the program right after earning my Bachelor’s.

Melky and I on Christmas I have a dog named Melky and she is four years old. She is my best friend and such a loving little energetic bundle of fur–even if she is a few pounds overweight! I blame that part on the pug in her. She loves going for rides in the car because everyone always gives her treats when they see her–the pharmacy, the bank, and even Chik-fil-A! Her favorite treat of them all is ice cream.




riot Music is my passion and I hope to one day work in the field again. To say that I feel blessed because I have platinum and gold record plaques with my name on them is an understatement; I have dreamed of them my entire life. Some of my best memories involve working at music festivals with my friends and being sore, sweaty and tired but still mustering up the energy to dance around with spontaneous karaoke sessions during our favorite artists’ performances.



I also love sports and cannot wait until next month when baseball with officially be back! Growing up in Florida, it has always been one of the most exciting times of the year when Spring Training begins because we have so many teams that come down here to practice for the upcoming season. I have video footage of Alex Rodriguez when he was a member of the Texas Rangers and even a very young Derek Jeter. Last season I had the privilege of taking my Poppy to his very first Spring Training game since he just moved to Florida. His favorite team is the Mets (poor guy!) and we watched them beat the Twins by a landslide. Then I even took him to his very first Opening Day game where he saw my favorite team, the Rays.

I dabble in photography and you can find some of my work on Flickr and on my music blog, Stardust-Ent.com.

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