Cookies Cheat: Use A Quest Bar!

If you’re like me, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to control cravings and stay on the right track (during your diet).

I had gone to Warped Tour a few years ago and taken a Cookies & Cream flavor bar with me. During the day, from the heat, the cream melted. By the time I got to the protein bar, it was a gooey dream. Now, I may not be the only person who thought of this, but it gave me the idea to test out microwaving the bar in chunks in the microwave to create cookies.

You can’t leave the chunks in the microwave too long or they will get hard, but if you leave them in for about 30 seconds (this will depend on your microwave as the each differ depending on your settings) they will puff up and take more of a cookie shape. Here are some photos to inspire your go at it!

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