Dreaming of a PINK Christmas

Dreaming of a PINK Christmas
December 3, 2014

My Decorated Tree

Last night I was browsing the internet when I stumbled across a link that said to click on it if you wanted to decorate a Christmas tree. So… I gave in and clicked the link.

Turns out, you were able to design the lighting arrangement of a holiday tree! When I was finished decorating (They give you very few colors to choose between so it does not take a long time to design your tree) it told me to hit the finished button. When I did, I was alerted that my lighting design would appear on the State of Florida’s tree on December 5th at 4:50pm.

So, if you are in our wonder country’s capitol on the 5th, take a stroll by the Florida tree at 4:50pm and see my design illuminate the sky! Obviously… it had to have pink.

The image above is the light presentation that generates to show you what your design looks like. So, we can all sit here in awe and enjoy my work of art.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May your days be bright, sparkly and pink :o)

To design your own light pattern on a State tree, click here.

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