Museum of Ice Cream (Miami) Review

The Museum of Ice Cream is an absolute dream if you love sparkles, and well–ice cream!

I’ll start at the beginning and then tell you some of my favorite attractions. Just like any Museum of Ice Cream location, you have to order your tickets in advance, you cannot walk up and purchase them. You’ll be able to select a time that you’d like to enter the MOIC from what they have available. Show up around the time listed on your ticket and you’ll be greeted by a line of fellow attendees itching to get inside.

Once you enter, there is a counter where an employee puts on a little show for the kids. They encouraged us (the adults without children) to walk past and wait in the next line. We were surprised, but the very first attraction we were getting to was the pool of sprinkles! I was most excited for this. However, I will tell you it is a HUGE let down. The pool itself is very tiny and they let so many people (including massive amounts of children) in at a time. My friend and I were unsuccessful at capturing images in the pool of sprinkles and had kids throwing sprinkles at us. If there was one thing I would recommend, it would be for the MOIC staff to limit the amount of people they let in at each time (even more-so) so that way it’s not so overcrowded. You get about 2-3 minutes around the pool before they tell you to exit and bring in the next group.

Following the pool of sprinkles is the first sample! One of the cool things about the MOIC is that they provide all different types of samples of ice cream. The first room was soft serve with a cherry on top. Additional rooms have mochi, chocolate covered bananas, key lime pie by the scoop (or in a cone), and milkshakes!

One of my favorite rooms was the banana and cheery swing room since there were pink palm trees all over and pink sparkled tile. Maybe they can let me know where to get that tile 😉

Without a doubt, I think a really beautiful extra feature that the MOIC brings is the view. The museum itself was about 4 stories high so there’s lot of climbing involved. Each flight of stairs that you climb, you start to get a small glimpse of the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean. By the time you’re on the top floor, there’s an outdoor patio with a picturesque view of Miami Beach.

After your journey through the MOIC is complete, there’s a small gift shop should you want to spread some of the ice cream love. They had everything form their pink whipped cream to magnets, to t-shirts. There was a little bit of everything. It took us over an hour to explore the museum and take our photos, but I can see how it might take people less time and even more time. If you bring children, there are all types of fun activities that will make them tired, like creating sparkly pink sand sculptures and games on the higher floors.

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them! I had so much fun and I would enjoy going again if the museum (as of this moment) would stay open longer than the second week of May. You don’t have much time to check it out, so go have fun before it closes!

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