Song Post #119: This Is Who We Are

April 2007

Myself and Beth Ann in April 2007 on our way to a concert

August 26, 2014

Song: “This Is Who We Are” – Hawthorne Heights

Story: So, my little sister from the sorority that I was part of got married this past weekend. We have gone to so many concerts together so it was almost impossible for me to really pick a song to dedicate to her big day in my blog, but this one randomly came to mind so I’m going to go with it–which is actually an interesting memory with the song. So, we were attending the Nintendo Fusion Tour years back and Hawthorne Heights was playing. There was this super intoxicated girl that kept trying to start her own circle pit and kept like running into us from behind. At one point she put her arms around us and was like, “Just go with it.” I’ll never forget that because I was like GIRL YOU ARE CRAZY! But what do you know, here I am, just going with it.

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