Song Post #135: Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue

September 11, 2014

Song: “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue” – Toby Keith

I’m not particularly a fan of country music, but I think this is a really great song for today. I want to thank all of those who lost their lives for my freedom and in trying to save total strangers on 9/11/01. I still remember where I was that morning… in dance class at my high school. My band teacher ran in the room and was like, “You guys will never believe this… a plane just flew in to the Twin Towers!” He flicked the TV on and we were all like, “Wow how did that plane get so off track?” Little did we know that moment would change our lives forever. I called my mom later that period after the second plane hit and everything started to get more crazy because we have family that worked in the City at the that time. She promised she would let me know how everyone was when I got home from school. I can’t imagine the terror that day was for so many people–beyond the initial shock and how we’ve had to adapt and change our lives since that day–may your loved ones rest in peace.

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