A League of Extraordinary Superheroes

From time to time, an athlete does something out of the ordinary (or passes out and wakes up just to tell the Doctor their name is Batman) and we associate them with that figure throughout their career. For some, they morph into their own mythological figure that we rely on to carry us through our childhood–erm, or adulthood. Below are just some of the super-human figures that entertain us on the field.

Captain America (David Wright)

Since: March 2013
David Wright has been an integral piece of Team USA’s formula for success in this year’s World Baseball Classic. With having hit several RBI’s, a grand slam and more, Wright was branded as Captain America.

Godzilla (Hidiki Matsui)

Matsui earned the nickname Godzilla while he was still playing in Japan and it eventually carried over to the States.

Captain Hook (Sparky Anderson)

Since: 1970’s
Anderson became known as Captain Hook when he would remove starting pitchers when he noticed the slightest bit of weakness and go to the ‘pen.

Iron Man (Cal Ripken, Jr.)

Ripken broke Lou Gehrig’s record for most consecutive games played. Gehrig’s nickname was, “The Iron Horse,” so Ripken was dubbed “Iron Man.”

Batman (Will Rhymes)

During the 2012 season, Rhymes was hit by a pitch on the wrist and doubled over in pain. After recollecting himself, Rhymes took his base. Moments later, Rhymes began walking towards the dugout as he asked to be taken of out the game… and dropped like a fly. The game was paused while medics tended to him. When they asked him if he knew what his name was, Rhymes replies, “Batman.”

The Wizard (Ozzie Smith)

Smith was nicknamed The Wizard due to his superior defensive skills.

Incredible Hulk (Brian Downing)

This one is kind of a no-brainer… Downing earned the Incredible Hulk tag because of his physique. He even had a batting cage and gym in his home.

The Rocket (Roger Clemens)

I’m sorry, I’m a wrestling fan. I had to include Roger Clemens in this category because wrestlers ARE superheroes to the masses with the way they take physical punishment on a daily basis. But on to why Clemens was nicknamed The Rocket… he is recognized as having been one of the best power pitchers.

Mr. November / Captain Clutch (Derek Jeter)

Jeter has several nicknames–all of which mainly concentrate on his ability to come through at the right times for his team. The man has enough World Series rings to decorate an entire hand.

Wolverine (Luke Scott)

If you would like to save yourself some time by not reading… just take a look at the man. He IS Wolverine.

The Flying Dutchman (Honus Wagner)

Wagner was dubbed The Flying Dutchman because of his German heritage and his cheetah-like speed. Some also still argue that Wagner has been the greatest shortstop ever.

Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval)

Since: September 2008
According to Sandoval’s website, teammate Barry Zito dubbed him the King Fu Panda because of his likeness to the animated character and his agility.

I of coarse also have to include us ladies in this post.

Superwoman (Alyssa)

I’m guessing Alyssa wants to be Superwoman because she has a pretty cute outfit for a superhero.

Batman (Jessica)

Aside from wanting to be Batman because of Christian Bale, Jessica thinks it’s really awesome that Batman has no powers and dominates everything.

Superman (Kerry)

Kerry said she would like to be Batman, “hands down,” because she really wants to be able to fly.

Pink Power Ranger (Megan)

I’ve always loved the Pink Ranger because she blends in with the crowd and then has a really cool secret. She does it wearing PINK… and in a skirt. Plus her zord flies.

Taylor is still making a decision.

Who are some of your favorite baseball related super heroes? Who would you be and why?

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