Almost doesn’t count.

January 2008
Almost doesn’t count
August 23, 2015

There was a time in my life when I lost my job due to the lousy economy… and I sat around my house bored. I complained all of the time about how I didn’t have anything to do. I can sit and reflect back about that time now and laugh because the opposite is now true for me; I’m busy beyond belief. Having a few moments to myself to gather my own thoughts is a luxury these days.

I know when this started.

I decided that I wanted a higher degree.

Being out of school for years, you lose the ability to take a sophisticated test. I wanted to make sure that I gave the GRE my best effort. I studied for about five months–every single night. Every. Single. Night. I only wanted to attend one school. I wanted to be a Gator. I was not going to settle for anything less.

Back then I was training myself to get back into the rhythm of having tight deadlines and responsibilities–even more intense than anything I have experienced in the working world.

Once I got my letter of acceptance from the University of Florida, I knew that I was in for a wild ride. I was also aware that taking online classes was going to be something new to me and it was going to be different. What I did not expect was how hard I would need to push myself. I know my other classmates can attest to this. Having a job that keeps you busy during the day means that schooling must be done when you get home. If you want to achieve stellar grades, you need to put your time in. There are times when I do not go to bed until 2 or 3am and then have to wake back up in a few hours for work the next morning. If I am going to do school right, which I owe it to myself to only do it the right way, then my commitment is there–no matter what it takes.

Right now I have three classes left. This fall semester I am taking two of the last three coupled with an internship for one of the classes. As if my time was not thinned enough, I felt that it was only right to start my social media consulting business now because I recognize that it needs time to grow. I could not justify continuing to wait any longer.

As I have been feeling the pressure on my shoulders, today as I was trying to set up my workspace and remove my old desktop, I came across photos from when I lived in Tampa. It made me so happy and sad all at the same time because I miss those people every single day and wish I still lived near them. After reflecting on the good times, it inspired me to forget how difficult these next several months are going to be on me and concentrate on the big picture… which is being back in Tampa with all of my friends.

So, if I tend to be a bit more silent on my personal accounts it is not because I’m not interested in engaging in conversation… I will be working hard on developing my future or sleeping.

I’m almost done.

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