Honey Chicken Lettuce Wrap

honey chicken wrap

I post way too many photos of food that I make on Instagram… but that has also led to quite a few people asking me for different recipes to try so I wanted to go ahead and post the information for some of them. When I find recipes, I tweak them to fit my preferences as far as flavors go so you should do the same to get the most out of the meals and snacks!

What you need:
– Honey
– Vegetable oil
– Large lettuce leaves
– Bean Sprouts
– Almond Slices
– Kale Sprouts
– Chicken breast

Approximate time from start to finish: 15 minutes

1) Cook your chicken. For this particular meal, there was very little vegetable oil put in the pan–enough so that the chicken wouldn’t stick. When your chicken is almost finished, begin coating it with honey. The vegetable oil will also prevent the honey from burning and caking on to your pan. It also helps thin the honey out a little bit so that it’s easier to coat your chicken breast. When done, remove from heat.
2) Take a large lettuce leaf and place it on your plate. Make sure the bottom part of the leaf is cut off far enough to where the remainder of the leaf is flexible enough to roll. Then place your ingredients–in no specific order–onto the leaf.
3) You can cut your chicken in strips or small pieces after it has cooled a little bit and your lettuce leaf is prepared. Place it on top of everything.
4) Everyone has a special way that they like to roll their wraps/burritos/etc… so do what works for you. For me, I fold the top and bottom in a little bit and roll from the right to the left–that way nothing sneaks out while I’m eating.

SO easy. SO quick. AND… it’s healthy and filling.

Approximate calories for the meal: 305 (it really depends on what brands you use and the exact amount you put in to your wrap so this will vary slightly)

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