Meeting a fashion icon

Meeting Betsey Johnson
Meeting a fashion icon
October 25, 2014

Today, I met my favorite designer… Betsey Johnson. I always feel like she designs things with me in mind because they always mix girly with punk rock–they’re perfect. There is a great deal of animal prints with skulls, sparkles and lace. What a dream!

I had no idea what to wear. I have about a million Betsey purses so I could easily find one to coordinate with my outfit–not a problem. I settled on some black leggings, black ankle moto boots, a maroon long sleeved cotton slouchy top and a green animal print Betsey scarf with some fun Betsey earrings to match. I had to obviously show my Betsey faithfulness!


The event itself was amazing. They had so many gals helping us all shop… so it was pretty neat to have personal shoppers! I felt bad for the girl that was helping me because I am a quick and all over the place shopper–I know what I like and can scan things quickly and make decisions… then it is off to the next area. After you made the qualifying purchase (I got a cute hot pink change purse and owl necklace that is part of Betsey’s Halloween collection), you received a special gift–mine was a pair of hot pink and black earbuds; sweet! Next step was the VIP credential table where they issue the bracelet to meet Betsey and then you find the end of the line.


While we waited in line, DJ Kalkutta and Micah Jesse entertained the crowd with some great jams and cool contests. Contest winners actually got to pick any Betsey item they wanted from the store.

There were some really nice ladies that hold your bags for you when you go meet Betsey–so I apologize for not planning ahead and bringing my big Betsey tote that I use for work! Oops! My bad, ladies! Anyway, Betsey is an incredibly nice women and greeted me with a gigantic hug. My mom had asked me to tell Betsey that she did a great job on Dancing With The Stars this season–so I did. Betsey told me she had such a great time on the show and was practicing for four hours a day but was really thankful for the experience. I didn’t get the chance to tell her that I hope her next bed set is cheetah print–but I’m sure since she designs everything else to my wants and needs… cheetah print bedding isn’t too far away in the future.


As we left, the crew handed us a photo of ourselves with Betsey and some Halloween candy. Betsey and her entire team were so much fun. It really reaffirmed my loyalty to her brand with such a great experience. Great marketing, my friends!

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