Megan’s picks for the 2013 season

Since the ladies and I decided that we should each make our own predictions for the season, I’ve been thinking really hard about all of the possible things that could happen; all of the injuries sustained during Spring Training, all of the potential call ups that could take place. I’ve never been one to really enjoy making predictions because I feel like I’m such a realist when it comes to things that can happen and I like to consider EVERYTHING and usually have a super long explanation for the “why.” With that being said, how can you really predict the future when it’s so uncertain? Do we know if the Dodgers will be worth their payroll? Do we really know if Alex Rodriguez will return this season? I wish I knew. Here are my 2013 guesses…

American League Rookie of the Year: Wil Myers (TB)
National League Rookie of the Year: Zack Wheeler (NYM)

American League MVP: Mike Trout (LAA)
National League MVP: Joey Votto (CIN)

American League Cy Young: Justin Verlander (DET)
National League Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg (WSH)

American League East: Toronto Blue Jays
American League Central: Detroit Tigers
American League West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
American League Wild Cards: Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays

National League East: Washington Nationals
National League Central: Cincinnati Reds
National League West: Los Angeles Dodgers
National League Wild Cards: Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants

World Series: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Washington Nationals
World Series Winners: Nats

I actually had a dream last season that it was the Rays and the Nats in the WS… I assumed it was for 2012 but maybe it was really for 2013. We’ll see what happens!

I also think that the Indians could be sleepers to watch out for with the additions of Francona, Swisher, Reynolds, Bourn and company. They also have Aviles, Kipnis and Cabrera who hit over .250 last season. AND… Scott Kazmir earned a spot in the team’s rotation–I think we’re all rooting for him and enjoy a great comeback story.

By the time you read this, I will have also changed my mind about my picks several times. Anything can happen.

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