One Down, One To Go

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One Down, One To Go
November 18, 2015

The fact that I haven’t blogged since early September… YUCK! My apologies.

This fall semester is wrapping up and I could not be more excited. This means that I have ONE more semester left before I graduate with my MA… and that one last semester is just my Capstone. The entire program at the University of Florida has been amazing and I’m actually sad that I will not be able to take all of the rest of the classes that are offered for my concentration in social media because the content they teach us is so relevant and worthwhile to what we do as social media professionals.

Anyway, I made a goal for myself for my “offseason.” I want to increase the worth of my own brand so that includes getting additional certifications, specifically for Hootsuite and Google AdWords. I just officially knocked the Hootsuite certification out of the park… about twenty-four hours after I finished up my final presentation. I started going over the material on Monday but really, for anyone that is contemplating taking the exam, it is best if you have experience using it so you can recall little details. Otherwise I would assume it would be more challenging if you only watched the videos one time.

Hootsuite Certified Professional

I’ve grown a lot more comfortable with Google AdWords the past few months because I was tasked with analyzing the data and compiling it in spreadsheets. So, bring it on Google! I’m ready for the next challenge :o)

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