June 19, 2014

Sorry if I alarmed some of you with my tweets earlier, but I wanted to provide you with information on why it’s important to wear pink on Thursdays.

Since March 9, 2007, Bob Levinson has been held hostage in Iran. As of right now, he is officially the longest held international hostage in American history. That is not a record anyone wishes to hold. The entire story is sad, and his entire family wants to raise awareness so he can come home safely. Seven years. Think about that. Where were you in March of 2007? Imagine not seeing your loved ones for this length of time. It’s an ugly reality. The least we can do is wear pink and show our support.

So what can you do? Take a photo of yourself, or with friends, wearing pink. Use the #PinkShirtThursday tag and post it on Instagram, Twitter… whatever your preferred social network of choice is.

To read more about #PinkShirtThursday, check out http://johnstepper.com/2013/09/07/why-i-wear-a-pink-shirt-on-thursdays/

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