Recipe: Banana & Almond Butter Smoothie

This is my favorite daily treat! Recently I switched from using peanut butter to almond butter under the advice of a health coach because peanut butter is going to bring more sugar to your daily diet. Honestly, it tastes the same to me after the switch.

Here are the things that I use to make the smoothie happen:
• Magic Bullet
• 1 frozen banana
• 1 spoon of almond butter
• protein powder
• Silk Almond Milk (dairy free, soy free, gluten free) I usually use the Almond Milk that is 30 calories per serving but grabbed the wrong one when I was shopping–so this is 60 calories per serving. Use what is best for YOU.


1. Put your frozen banana in the magic bullet (or whatever you are using)
2. Add your scoop of almond butter.
3. Add enough of the Silk Almond Milk so that your banana is mostly covered. The less milk you add, the more thick your smoothie will be and the same is true with the fact that if you add more milk, your smoothie will be less thick.
4. If you’re going to add protein powder in, go ahead and add it now.
5. Start blending and then you’re done!


Almond Butter is from Whole Foods
Protein Powder is from GNC

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