Song Post #12: Party In Your Bedroom

May 11, 2014

Song: “Party In Your Bedroom” – Cash Cash

Story: Cash Cash, I would say, was struggling with developing a fan base back in the mid-to-late 00’s. I saw them a few times while they were opening for different artists, and I never particularly could get in to their music. Their performances lacked a spark and it all just felt really disconnected. So, Riley and I were at Warped Tour (I forget who we were watching) and a member from Cash Cash came up and was like, “I checked you out, now you have to come check me out,” as he proceeded to hand her a card with their performance information on it. We still joke about it because it was so random and funny. So, the band members were personable and witty.. but their music just wasn’t for us. It’s really interesting now that they are finding a lot of success in a new genre. Personally, I think what they are doing now is better suited for them because their music always had traces of the newer stuff in it. While I’m still not a fan of their music, I can definitely see a spark that wasn’t there before for the band. Wild to see where they started, how they didn’t give up, and now where they are. See, kids, don’t give up.

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