Let’s Spread Holiday Cheer!

I love the holidays. I love everything the winter months stand for like family, going out of your way to do good deeds… really just creating a happy memory for others. One of my other favorite things is sending out holiday cards. For the past few years, I’ve posted a note on my social media accounts telling people that I will send them a holiday card even if they do not know me. Why? I think people always find themselves in a multitude of situations that sometimes can be brightened by a piece of paper that says someone out there is hoping they have a nice holiday season.

You do not have to send me a card in return. Rather, I prefer you pay it forward in some kind of way. Whether that means donating to a local organization that is seeking toys for underprivileged children for the holidays or your local Salvation Army, or whatever way you feel really gives back–that would be even better than any card that I could possibly receive (not that your card wouldn’t be awesome!).

Your information will be deleted as soon as your card is sent out.

Happy holidays!

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