It has been 10 years already

Ten years ago today, a doctor ran into my room telling me if they let me leave the hospital I could die walking up a flight of stairs. That memory is going to stay with me forever because it was the instant my life changed.

I have experienced 3,650 days since that moment… all of them which I am incredibly thankful for.

When you’re 21, you feel like you are invincible. You feel like your dreams are ahead of you. But then, hearing a doctor utter the words that you could potentially die because your heart isn’t working correctly, it feels like your world is crashing down around you so quickly.

I was being faced with the possibility of never realizing my dreams.

I think that is what fuels me today. I do not ever want to wonder if I was capable of making something happen because I have today, and I have right now—which is all I need. Going through such a traumatizing experience taught me that as cliche as it sounds, tomorrow is never promised so you HAVE to act on what you feel and what you want.

I am beyond blessed.

Please do not ever think that you are incapable of turning a bad hand that you are dealt into something amazing and fulfilling. Always be looking for a rainbow amidst the storm.

There’s a quote that I stumbled on today that I feel really fits this situation, “Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful.”

I can never express my gratitude enough for having this life.


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