Review: Jeni’s Ice Cream, Wrigleyville

I feel like the best parts of a vacation are sometimes the ones that you don’t plan and happen to stumble across on accident. Being a big baseball fan, it was so exciting for me to catch a game at historic Wrigley Field. I’m still kind of in that “pinch me” stage and it’s been a few weeks. Following the game, my friends and I were hungry and I am a big dessert fan (if you couldn’t already tell), so we walked into Jeni’s. Oh, the flavors. You can’t walk into Jen’s expecting that you’re going to get a normal flavor. I settled on the Gooey Butter Cake in a cup. My friends haggled me because one of the cool things about Jeni’s is that they are making the cones fresh right in front of you. I needed portion control. However, I would have considered a round two for sure because the ice cream was outstanding. It was just the perfect flavoring of sweet and savory and melted in your mouth. There were many additional flavor combinations such as Lemon & Blueberries and Pistachio & Honey.

The Wrigleyville location was super cute and trendy. It was a pretty small space but tons of people were able to pack in there because of the way that the seating was set up. While the line was long when we arrived, the staff was patient and kind to all of the customers. I’d totally go back a bazillion more times if I lived in the area. I’m hoping maybe they bring one a little further south for us Floridians.

Turns out they sell Jeni’s in different grocery stores too. You can find the details on Jeni’s website here.

To visit the location that I check out, go to:
3657 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL

What’s your favorite Jeni’s flavor? Let me know in the comments below so I can check it out next time!

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