Review: Savi’s Workshop at Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

On August 29th, Disney World opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There are some really cool experiences and very realistic props–equating to a dream for any Star Wars fan. My boyfriend and I frequent Hollywood Studios just to visit Galaxy’s Edge quite a bit. We both wanted to make a lightsaber so bad but they come with a pretty hefty price tag ($199, and about $215 after taxes). As a pass holder, you do not get any discounts either.

I’m guessing you want to know what it is like to build the lightsaber and if the cost is worth it. For Christmas, I was surprised with a trip to Hollywood Studios where we had an appointment to make our lightsaber! For the price, you get a really rad experience and the following:

  • Commemorative pin based on the hilt that you select
  • Carrying bag
  • Custom hilt
  • Blade
  • Kyber crystal (Available in red, green, blue and purple. You can purchase white or yellow at an additional cost).

The experience begins when you check-in for your appointment. This is where you will be asked which lightsaber you would like to craft and receive your commemorative pin. I would recommend that you  look inside of a stacked container to the left of the check-in desk that holds all of the pieces used to make the custom hilts. This was really helpful to see the pieces up-close. My boyfriend decided to switch the lightsaber he was going to make after seeing the Sith hilt pieces (Power & Control). Things definitely look different in photos than in person. Below is the menu that they will show you, so you can see the hilts and the corresponding pins.

After you are checked-in, you wait about thirty minutes before it is your turn to go into the room. They bring everyone in through a small door that leads to another entrance, in single file line along the outskirts of a large table. The room is dimly lit and the aesthetics are amazing–you feel like you’re walking into a scene from a movie. During the experience, crew members¬†walk around with a colorful handheld container that is full of glowing kyber crystals. I was a bit disappointed because when they got to me (I was last), they were out of purple. The girl asked if I saw the color I wanted and I said no. She found a purple crystal for me–so do not worry, they will make sure you get the color you like best! They put your kyber crystal on your large station that holds the pieces to your lightsaber. They are able to identify which one you have selected by the pin you are wearing. The photo below shows the one I picked (Protection & Defense).

You are able to try pieces in different places and adjust them to your liking. This part does feel a bit rushed–especially if you are undecided when it comes to the order of the pieces.

After your hilt is somewhat assembled, people walk around and insert it into the tubes that are between you and the person next to you. When your lightsaber is done “cooking” the cover slides open to reveal the beautiful glow of the color you’ve chosen. You’re not allowed to touch them until they tell you to–but this was one of the coolest moments. Everyone holds their lightsaber high in the air and it makes you feel like you’re at a concert with the lights off.¬†All together, I would estimate the experience is about twenty minutes long after you enter the room.

When you leave the room, you are given a long black carrying bag for your lightsaber. Our appointment at Savi’s Workshop was in the evening so as soon as we emerged, we flipped the switch on our lightsaber and listened to the hum in the cool breeze. We made our way over to the Millennium Falcon to take a commemorative photo as our blades glowed in the dark night.

One really cool feature that we like about our lightsabers is when you hit them against each other they change colors and make a clashing noise. When you swing the lightsaber around, it also makes movement noises. They are very cool.

Tip: If you’re feeling conflicted about the color, do not fret.¬†Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities sells the kyber crystals individually for about $13. You’re also able to get a belt clip attachment to carry your lightsaber around wherever you go. Additionally, you can stock up on the legacy lightsabers, which they also sell here. You can purchase the lightsabers for Ben Solo, Darth Maul, Ashoka Tano, Obi Wan Kenobi and others. The only two that were noticeably missing, in my opinion, where Leia and Rey (the new yellow one from Rise of the Skywalker). Nick purchased the Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi lightsaber and it too is really nice. The hilt comes in a really nice box with the lightsaber blade sold separately.

Do I believe it is worth the price? Yes. The experience was great. Did you make a lightsaber yet? Comment below which color you chose. I picked purple.

Best surprise ever.

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