Bucket List

San Francisco 2012

I’ve made so many bucket lists before… but they’ve always gotten deleted… mainly because I keep them on my phone for some reason. I thought it might be about that time that I post it online so I can keep better track of it… there’s still so much left to do!

I fell in love with a show on MTV called The Burried Life that used a bucket list for the basis of their show. It was really great to get to watch other people check things off of their bucket list—even tho I believe some of theirs were a little bit more creative and out there than mine.

1. Tour

2. Own a platinum record.

3. Own a gold record.

4. Marry my best friend.

5. Be in a movie.

6. Have a Mary Jane/Spiderman moment.

7. Have a photo that I take published in a national publication.

8. Be fit enough to be a swimsuit model for ONE photoshoot.

9. Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland.

10. See the Sydney Opera House.

11. See a Cactus League game.

12. Attend a Super Bowl.

13. Present an award to someone.

14. Change someones life for the better.

15. Attend the World Series.

16. Be in New York City for New Years Eve

17. Meet my favorite band

18. Write and publish a book

19. Make a pageant dress

20. Win a pageant

21. Inspire someone to follow their dreams

22. See Niagara Falls

23. Hold a penguin

24. Hug a koala bear

25. Be on my favorite reality TV show

26. Attend an Olympic Games

27. Learn to Snowboard

28. Wrestle a match

29. Work for a record label

30. Learn to wrestle

31. See the Golden Gate Bridge

32. See the Grand Canyon

33. Own a new car

34. Graduate college

35. Watch an epic concert form the side of the stage

36. Film a documentary

37. Write and film a rocumentary

38. Record a song professionally

39. Attend the Grammys

40. Be in a music video (the one I filmed before doesn’t count because my scene didn’t make it!)

41. Hike up Diamond Head

42. Sail the waterways of Venice

43. Run in a race

44. Start a business

45. See the Northern Lights

46. Surf in Hawaii

… I’ll be adding more.

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