Earn Money for Charity by Running

March 3, 2016

I’m sure some individuals are tired of me talking about my 5K endeavors and training. However, I wanted to share a really amazing piece of information that I found because I think for those of you who do run or do any type of exercise, it will be a worthwhile thing to know about!

First things first though, I found out about an app called Charity Miles through the Hogwarts Running Club that I joined (#SlytherWIN)!!! I really love the concept. The miles that you are running earn money for a charity of your choosing.

So today as I opened the app, I donated the money my miles earned to Alzheimer’s Research in memory of my late Nanny Ellen who passed from the disease. You can find other charities on there like the ASPCA, Stand Up To Cancer, American Diabetes Association, Habitat for Humanity and soooooo many others.

I learned about this concept of social good a few semesters ago at UF where gamification was a new way of helping charities raise money. Certain games on Facebook donated money to Haiti or even planted trees through user-play. I was beyond excited to find an app that is going to allow me to perform the same type of social good while I am also trying to train myself so it is a win-win. How is THAT for inspiration?!

Now, go out and do good! #SoMuchGood

P.S.: If you’re like me… your first thought after burning calories is what delicious dream you can sink your teeth into… so this meme is life hahahaha

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