Skincare Recommendations for Rosacea

Finding products to help clear our skin can feel like a nightmare. I searched through so many blogs and couldn’t find anything that worked for me or would help me figure out what was going on with my skin. I had visited the dermatologist several times over the course of 2 years and he was unable to diagnose what I had. It left me feeling pretty hopeless. I’m going to share my experience in the hope that it can help others find a product that works for them too.

Seeing the¬†dermatologist was frustrating to me because I knew something was abnormal with my skin. The first dermatologist gave me various creams to try, had me tested for Lupus and finally had me replace all of my makeup with Bare Minerals with the advice to get an allergy test for¬†makeup product ingredients. Listening to my intuition, I bought the new makeup to try–which didn’t change what was going on with my skin–and decided to seek a new opinion.

The second dermatologist immediately diagnosed my skin with rosacea and gave me a few different products to try along with a prescription cream for my face.

Want to see what was hiding under the makeup making me feel so self-concious? Here’s a photo showing my skin three months apart. You can see how well my skin has improved with the right products.

It initially took about 2 weeks for my face to be mostly¬†clear of the little red dots and the pinkness has continued to decrease over time. It was such a relief! If you’re looking to try new products to see if they help, here is a list of what I’ve successfully used:

The Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser is what I use both in the morning to wash my face when I wake up, and then I use it in the evening to help remove my makeup. In addition, in the evening I also incorporate the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser and the Z-Bar as needed (if my face is looking a little flakey). My dermatologist told me that the papaya enzyme helps to decrease the irritation in the skin, which is why it can help with the redness.

I am so happy with the success I’ve had with the products above. My friends, do not use toners or other harsh chemicals on your face. I was trying to use them to treat myself, but it never helped. My dermatologist said toners are not good for rosacea skin and can irritate it further. Hot water is also not our friend.

I will say, however, I did find another product that made my skin feel very smooth. I don’t use this all of the time so that way I am minimizing the chance of skin irritation, but check out:

I hope this helps you find some relief too!

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