Song Post #14: Hit or Miss

May 13, 2014

Song: “Hit or Miss” – New Found Glory

Story: Back when I was in my early to mid teens, I was part of an all female singing group. We wrote our own songs, we did our own choreography, we had a website… and actual fans. It was pretty surreal. We had the opportunity to perform in different states, got recognized at hotels… I mean… it was really insane that we did everything ourselves. At one point, we even had a theme park asking us to perform there over the summer months. Anytime I think back to that point in my life, I am just mind blown over the things that kids can seriously accomplish when they want something really bad. What does that have to do with NFG? Well, the other girls in the group really liked New Found Glory and had their self-titled album on repeat. Naturally, I really loved it. “Hit or Miss” wound up being my favorite song on the album so anytime I hear that song now, I think back to those years, sitting in a car, flying on a plane, and having the time of my life.

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