Song Post #15: Let It Be

Paul McCartney concert

May 14, 2014

Song: “Let It Be” – The Beatles

Story: Today is my Dad’s birthday. Last year, as a gift, I gave him tickets to see Paul McCartney. He laughed and asked me how I planned to ever top that gift–and I’m not exactly sure how that will ever be possible either! For today’s song post, I wanted to do something Beatles related and I instantly thought of, “Let It Be.” Not only is this just a beautiful song, but I was lucky to have had the opportunity to see Sir Paul McCartney perform it live last year. It’s almost indescribable how powerful this song is if you just listen to it and feel it. When I looked up the meaning behind the song, I was surprised to find out that Paul wrote it about the demise of the band and how he was searching to his mother for answers. It’s now one of the most popular Beatles songs… and really just one of the most popular songs in general, ever.

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