Song Post #16: Jesus Christ

May 15, 2014

Song: “Jesus Christ” – Brand New

Story: There isn’t really a story for the reason I picked this song today. I just happened to have it pop on my iTunes and I thought it would be a good pick. This song really makes me think about things whenever I hear it. For those of you who are not religious–that’s okay. I know there are a million interpretations of this song out there on the internet but I personally think this song goes deeper than just the lyrics. Here’s my interpretation: struggling with self-worth, we all look for answers. Sometimes in ourselves, sometimes outwardly. What does this mean? What does that mean? We have chances in life, and things are going to be hard. We need to look to our “light” to overcome our “dark.” At the end of it all, did we do the best we could? Or, were we easily influenced? Will we be forgiven?

Like I said, this song makes me think. Hopefully you can take something positive out of it.

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