Song Post #7: A Toast To Men

Plastics entrance

May 6, 2014

“A Toast To Men” – Willa Ford (Featuring Lady May)

Story: When the Plastics needed an entrance song for the ring, Riley and I thought really hard about who we were and what we were doing. We wanted a song that empowered women and showed strength in both beauty and physicality. Our characters needed a song that was a strong representation of who we wanted people to think the Plastics were without even having seen us before. “A Toast To Men” seemed like a really great fit for the duo with lyrics like, “..take it on now girls be whatever you want to be..”…. that is if you are able to hear the lyrics between all of the f-bombs. Not sure we ever actually got to use this song for an entrance because most promoters veto-ed it… but as the song goes… heck with them–keep moving forward ;o)

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